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An Open Letter To You...


If you’re like me, you know that some of the world’s greatest stories aren’t found in books, but in songs. With the right combination of sounds and lyrics, a songwriter can instantly transport you to a whole new world. That’s what I’ve always loved about country music: no other genre can tell such deep, emotional stories in just a few short lines of writing. When I write a song, I want it to be an experience that captures all five senses - I use my guitar as a canvas, and I use my words to paint pictures in listeners’ minds.


It’s no surprise that I developed a passion for country music - I grew up in a small farming town in Northern California, and spent a lot of time with my country-loving family in the midwest. At just eight years old, I was already writing my own original music and performing at school concerts. Once I got to high school, my dad took me to pick out my first guitar, but I injured my wrist a short while later. It was then that I gave up on being a musician; I thought it was a sign that I needed to focus my energy on getting into a good college instead.


But deep down, I knew that I was letting my fear of failure hold me back from doing what I really wanted to do. As I approached the end of my senior year I started getting back into music, and was soon given one of the lead roles in a musical. After the performance I received lots of positive comments about my unique sound and style of singing. From that point on, I got serious about my musical career.


My style draws a lot of inspiration from the country music of the 90’s and early 2000’s, with a touch of today’s sounds mixed in. Now based in Reno, Nevada, I have had the chance to perform live at venues across the West Coast while writing and recording my own original material.  

With love, 

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